Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Daily Slather Forum Only Blends

Ladies and gents,

I am proud to present Good Judy's Yin and Conjure Oils' Yang! Our first forum only blends!

We have collaborated on two blends that represent a new partnership in perfume oils. Conjure Oils and Good Judy's are individual companies that are proud to support each other. What better way to show our individuality and our mutual support then by releasing two blends that are unique and creative, while at the same time complimentary and united. A true unity of opposites!And who better to offer these exclusive special blends, then to our forum fans!

Good Judy's Yin:

As the partner of Yang, Yin is dark, passive, soft, and absorbing. It is associated with the moon, cold, water, and rest.

Feminine lotus and white musk cooled down by ethereal moonflower, a hint of mint, and tender hyssop

Conjure Oils' Yang:

In Taoist philosophy, as the partner of Yin, Yang is generally considered the bright, positive and active principal. It is associated with sunlight, warmth, movement, and life.

Sparkling yuzu and shimmering white musk set ablaze by cinnamon and clove burning down to smoldering black amber and frankincense.

To order your bottles, please visit DailySlather.com. If you are not yet a member, please sign up as these special blends are available to forum members only.



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