Thursday, November 8, 2007

Yule 2007 Conjure Oils Contest Winners

2007 theme: The World Celebrates!

After pouring through pages and pages of gorgeously crafted, well written, researched and heartfelt entries to the 2007 Conjure Oils Yule Contest, one theme began to emerge from the entries like several strands of fine silk woven together to tie a gorgeous bow: yuletide has no borders; the celebration is global.
Many of you sent in very touching stories, pictures and poems with your entries and for that I am glad as it put me in a space of deep awe and gratitude. I am so lucky to be in contact with so many brilliant, creative, artistic and genuine people. Every entry was like a present for me – so I thank you for that gift!
While I wish I could make all the entries come to life, I can only pick a few. The contest was initially designed for five winners, but I couldn’t decide on just five, so I expanded it to include seven winners. Good ol’ lucky number seven.
The blends themselves will be revealed November 15th on the Conjure Oils website, Conjure, ltd. page, so look for the announcement that they are up. Most of the winners submitted several selections, so they don’t even know which scent of theirs was chosen! Let the speculation begin!
The winners will receive a beautiful clear glass 10ml perfume bottle of their creation as well as a sample of the other blends. Look for my email confirming your contact information.

So, without further ado, the winners are...

*Rebecca Cerio * Julia Ingber * Gary Lodato * Karen Shibuya * Shawna Silverman * Jennifer Tonapi * Lindsay Van Acker * Congratulations!

Again, all the entries were top notch! Thanks for participating and I know you’re really going to enjoy these!

Love and light,


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