Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Conjurations Newsletter, Vol I




Well, here is the first installment of Conjurations, a weekly, hopefully informative newsletter where we’ll discuss perfume, magick and maybe learn a thing or three in the process.
The organization of the newsletter will start of with updates, then featured oil, and then a wild card section where we can mix it up. This newsletter will be posted on LiveJournal, on the blog and the yahoo group, but not MySpace as that’s an abbreviated venue and I may just post the updates section there.
Anyhoo! Welcome and thank you for your interest in Conjure Oils! It’s been a cool and cloudy week here in Portland and thank goodness! Heat really makes me wilt and I’m much more energetic and active when the mists roll in. In fact I was out walking yesterday and I could swear that fall was whispering in the air! My favorite! Well, along with spring; I like the transitional times of the year when nature takes the brush of instability and paints crimson leaves and pink hyacinths.

Conjure Updates

What’s new with the website? Well, I’m revamping a bit and have got the code down to add a paypal cart to the site, so look for that shortly. I’ve also done away with all of the samplers in the different categories and exchanged them for broader choices - $3 each, 10 for $25 or 20 for $45 (and multiples thereof.) Shipping included, of course!
I’ve also added more to the FAQ on the About page. Some folks have asked me if I use synthetics or essential oils. I’ve also added a bit about the strength of Conjure Oils for those love and fear sillage.
Other than that, I’m cookin’ up some Samhain treats, feeding the beasts in the Bestiary and also contemplating Happy Places. I was at the Portland Japanese Gardens yesterday and that is, hands down, my happy place. I’m considering a line of oils based on Happy Places. Where are some of yours?

EsoZone is in Portland, Oregon this weekend! I am hand delivering some orders to folks and I'll be happy to deliver yours!

The Oily Bits

This is the time of year when we’re in the dog days of summer; hot, humid nights, twilight parties and fireflies. This is the time of year for juicy berries, ripe fruits and oils like Jezebel in the Mythos line. Jezebel is true passion fruit – not sickly sweet, or bitter. Like little bear says, “it’s just right!” Rounded out with pink roses and a tiny touch of black mission fig, which is very much in season right now out here. Ever cut a fresh fig in half? I dare say its one of the sexiest fruits in the world.
Jezebel became associated with sexuality not only because she was in cahoots with the Goddess Astarte, but because she appeared in the Bible in the book of Revelations as a prophetess in the city of Thyatira where she is accused of inducing members of the church into committing acts of sexual immorality. Because I guess it’s her fault that they can’t keep it in their pants, eh? Jezebel is a good example of how women are often blamed for their sexuality turning men into monsters, to hell with self control or accountability!

Recipe Time!
Conjure Oils are great for adding to your own handmade bath and body goodies! Here’s a recipe for a REAL chocolate face mask! Let’s keep it sexy for Jezebel!

Passionately Chocolate Moisture Mask
(You’ll need a food scale to make this one)

3/4oz HIGH QUALITY chocolate chips, pref. organic
.1oz Cocoa Butter (that’s one tenth)
.3oz Sweet Almond oil (that’s three tenths) – (this isn’t the scented oil. It’s in the massage oil section)
Jezebel Oil to your desired fragrance strength

Combine chocolate chips, cocoa butter and almond oil in a double boiler and slightly melt. Remove from the double boiler and gently stir until everything is melted.

Allow to cool slightly and add Jezebel Oil to boost the mix to your desired strength.

Once it's completely cooled, slather it on your face, relax - read a book, the Conjure Oils website, or take a bath! Be sure to rinse well. It is great on the hands, face, neck, and back leaving a great scent on your skin. Since there are no preservatives in the blend, it’ll keep for about a week.

Next week, how to use the oils magickally…



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