Monday, July 30, 2007

Try before you buy!

We are now pleased to present to you samples!

Sample orders are okay, and encouraged! They're $3 each. If you want many samples, free shipping and a price break, we recommend:

Conjure Samplers

Get 10 samples for $25 postage paid
Get 20 for $50 postage paid

Samples are 1.5ml and are decanted in a 5/8 dram heavy amber glass vial with its own snappy kraft brown label! Check out the new and improved orders page for more info!

How exciting is that!?

don't forget that we've also expanded our Mythos line: Legendary Practitioners


Aleister Crowley
Aunt Caroline Dye
Marie LaVeau
Szandor (Anton LaVey)
and cat yronwode

Thanks for looking!!!



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